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Dishes that use plenty of seafood, mainly crabs from Kasumi

Fresh ingredients from Kasumi, one of the best fishing ports on the Sea of Japan coast

Starting with the king of winter delicacies, `` Matsuba Crab'' and ``seafood,'' nurtured by the raging waves of the Sea of Japan, there are a variety of dishes for each season. "Treasures from the Sea』 "mountain food』
Homemade Koshihikari rice, fresh vegetables and safe ingredients.

Cooking list

We put our hearts into each and every dish, and use the best ingredients to create a memorable trip experience for our customers.
【Hours Available】From 17:30 to 19:30
  • An example of Kasumi Crab dishes

    • Menu example

      【Kasumi Crab dishes】

      crab miso/squid sashimi/Shrimp/vinegar crab/grilled crab/crab pot/crab porridge/incense/Dessert
      Period available:
      April 1st to the end of June, September 1st to the end of October
  • Matsuba Crab dish

    Crab sashimi, grilled crab, boiled crab, crab suki, rice porridge and crab full course with amaebi is a deluxe version with two crabs per person!
    • Menu example

      【crab standard】

      crab miso/Sashimi/grilled crab/crab pot/crab porridge/incense/Dessert

      【Crab Full Course】

      crab miso/crab sashimi/squid sashimi/sweet shrimp/grilled crab/vinegar crab/crab pot/crab porridge/incense/Dessert
      Period available:
      11/6 to the end of March
  • An example of island cuisine

    We serve plenty of seasonal seafood.
    You can also enjoy it during the sea bathing season.
    Since we use the freshest seafood and vegetables available, the contents of the dishes may change slightly.
    • Crab and Seafood Omakase Feast

      Iso cuisine

      A super-sized dish that uses seasonal seafood, mainly grilled crab.A little bit of Tajima Beef too.
      Period available:
      4/1 to 10/31
  • Breakfast

    • Breakfast with grilled fish and nanban pickles

      Japanese style breakfast

      A super-sized breakfast featuring grilled flounder dried overnight and sandfish pickled in Nanban.
      Period available:
      full year