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Surrounding sights

  • Tourist attractions

    • Amarube Crystal Tower

      Amarube Crystal Tower(Amarube Railroad Bridge)

      In November 2017, the Amarube Railroad Bridge Railway Bridge "Station in the sky" elevator (nickname: Amarube Crystal Tower) was installed.
      Enjoy the feeling of floating at a height of 41m while gazing at the spectacular view of the Sea of Japan from the glass-enclosed elevator.
    • Amarube Railroad Bridge

      Amarube Railroad Bridge

      The Sea of Japan spreading out below and the villages of Amarube look like a panorama,
      You can enjoy the feeling of an air train for a moment.
    • Daijoji Temple(Oukenji Temple)

      There are 165 wall paintings by Okyo Maruyama and his disciples in the Middle of the Edo Period, as well as wooden standing statues of eleven-faced Kannon (important cultural properties of Japan).
      The wall paintings in the reception hall form a three-dimensional mandala with a carefully calculated arrangement.
    • The view from the Old Folk House Cafe Okami

      Superb view from Okami Park

      You can see the outstanding scenery overlooking the Sea of Japan.Depending on the weather,
      You can enjoy an extraordinary experience while drinking tea from the adjoining old private house cafe.
  • Fishing port/Auction market

    • Kasumi Fishing Port

      It is one of the leading ports in the Sea of Japan and is famous for landing Matsuba Crab.
      It is very busy with bottom seine fishing and squid fishing all year round.
    • Early morning crab auction

      The morning in Kasumi is early.
      Raise the seafood caught by the men on the beach,
      The women also help with the work up to the auction.
      All the faces of the sea are sharp and toned.
  • amusement facilities

    • Mitahama Beach

      Mitahama Beach

      Small children can play safely as it is a small and shallow beach.
      You can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery on the 5-minute drive from the inn to the beach.
    • Kinosaki Marine World(Kinosaki)

      Nature aquarium "Sea Zoo", new continent of the sea "Sea Land", etc.
      An amusement spot where you can fully enjoy the sea.